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Having fun as a guest of Nicole Chvastek following my recently published article in the Society of The Silurians Newsletter, on Language, Culture and News coverage in Australia. This lively discussion was heard coast-to-coast, and broadcast on the ABC Radio OVERNIGHT Program.

Topics include my  impressions of Australian society, ‘9/11’ coverage, differing reporting styles, and what it is like working as an American News Correspondent in the Land DOWN UNDER.


Have a listen to the interview here

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(The ABC only keeps the programs up for 24 hours – so I am hosting my own copy)



14 thoughts on “Eric on ABC Radio Overnight

  1. sally gibson (descendant of native land thief in the Paris of the south...) says:

    Thanks for sending us this link Eric. We are currently in Laos which is an interesting place to hear it from! More bombs dropped here during the SE Asian war than in all of the WW2 put together….Enjoyed your interview muchly. Sweep of issues which you carried and parried well. Could have listened to you take calls all night! Humpty Doo, NT, was a doozy of a location to hear from. Look forward to your further development as The Yankee Down Under and to catching up on our return late Jan.

  2. Eric-
    Thanks for posting this. Always great to hear a measured, thoughtful perspective on so many things (and you really ran the board in this interview…)

    Looking forward to seeing you when you come stateside! And, NO – you are NOT a dumb American!!!

  3. Rachel S-jones says:

    So glad to hear your voice on my sofa in England! A very interesting and well balanced interview.
    Im proud to know you.
    Keep it up.

  4. Great Interview,Classmate! You are as Straight Forward as an Interviewee as you are in your Reportage! Concise,Clear,and No BS. With your Permission,I’m going to Re-Post the Link! In a Better{and Less Stupid } World,you would be OUR Walter Cronkite. BTW Your average Aussie sounds A Hell of a lot Brighter and Better Informed,then your Average American Commuter Radio Caller.! GOODONYA! MATE!

  5. Kelda Louise Jane Kelly says:

    Amazing balanced interview and the answers to questions of conspiracy were handled well.
    You came across an intelligent human journalist who doesn’t go to lowest common denominator by way of hacking, to distort the truth and put my faith back into media reporting.
    I gained much more of a perspective on so many issues and I thank you for that.

  6. Melissa F White says:

    It’s interesting to hear your perspective on Aussie media, but even more so it was interesting to hear you comment on how it makes you feel as a New Yorker, the after math of 9/11 and the whole border security experience for friends who come to visit. Also intriguing (and in some ways not surprising) that there are some parts of the US who are more scared of ‘terrorism’ than the average New Yorker.

    I associate the New York mentality as somewhat more global than maybe some of the more fearful cities you were generally referring to (subject to exceptions)- do you think this is why they are more fearless in general?

  7. Helen Sanders says:

    Eric, quite an impressive detailed interview. Yahhhhhhhh… I certainly enjoyed your revelation of the Australian, African American connection. You do the states proud, and I do hope you come back to New York to live in the midst of your adventures. You are living your life as ‘golden’ as it is.

    On the callers comment on poverty in the U.S… it is real. Stuff is much more costly all around…lights, gas, food, vegetables, fruit, clothes. I believe a lot of folk are living with what they have to make ends meet. Gas prices keep fluctuating here in the states. The picture ain’t pretty.

    Those of us with children are watching dreams we took for granted become very hard to reach. Education in America has become something for the ‘privileged.’ Where our country is headed is anyone’s guess. You have politicians just bent on getting rid of a leader without thinking that…the world is watching our prejudice and treats us accordingly in the long run. How can you ask other countries to show justice, when our very Congress rears its’ multi-headed prejudice daily…spewing words that show there is no human compassion involved, just heirarchy of the old school, Jim Crow kind. We ought to be ashamed. For clearly, this economics and way of running things, is trickling down nationwide…and it ain’t pretty Thank you for such an insightful interview.

  8. Melissa Dooley says:

    Eric! I am so proud to know you. And NO! you do not sound like a dumb American. In fact, so opposite of that that you sound unAm. Thank you for pointing the way to this. Will share.

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