International Women’s Month and C-S-W: The Zoe Bakoko Interview

Published on Feb 28, 2014
Zoe Bakoko is a woman with a lot to say. Not only about corruption in her native Uganda, but also about the status of women inside that African society. As the ‘Month Of The Woman’ gets underway this March, there is also a major event set to take place at United Nations headquarters in New York. It is the second largest international gathering of dignitaries assembled in one place, at the annual Commission on the Status of Women, also known as ‘C-S-W,’ for short. C-S-W58 is an important, yet largely under-reported annual event, that we will take a look at this year, with a close look at the status of women on the African continent. Zoe Bakoko, a former cabinet minister inside the Ugandan government, gives us a preview of this major event, and a peek into conditions that women in her own country face, and that will be addressed over the next three weeks.

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